Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion


What could we possibly say after hearing that story?

We heard so much in that one Gospel reading that it would be very difficult to focus on any one thing.

And this is only the beginning.

With Palm Sunday we enter into the most intense, most focused, and most important week of the whole year for Catholics. This is the time when we especially celebrate events that, while they happened hundreds of years ago, are pivotal in our own lives.

We will spend this week hearing about, celebrating, and meditating upon a week in Jesus' life  - a week in which his whole purpose in living among us is made clear. Jesus didn't come to give us advice about being "good people" or dazzle us with miracles; He came to offer Himself to His Father on our behalf. He came to accept the consequences of our sins so that we could be set free. He died and rose so that we could too.

It's a lot to take in - and it's easy to go through Holy Week without stopping to appreciate just what it means - but we shouldn't take this opportunity for granted. Every year we are given the gift of remembering what Jesus has done for us. It's something to which we constantly need to return.

As we walk with Jesus this week, I encourage you to remember this: every step he took was for you. Whether it was celebrating the Last Supper or being betrayed and arrested or carrying the cross up to Calvary. He chose to do all of these things - He embraced them because of His love for you.

Let us take our steps out of love. Let's make this week holy, not just in what we call it, but in how we live.