Starting something new.

I have been blogging (inconsistently) since the summer of 2004. What started as an imitation of the great Catholic bloggers I discovered back then has grown over the years into a place to share pictures, music I like, and - more recently - the homilies I preach as a Catholic priest.

Blogger has served me pretty well, but, as the years have passed and I've gone from a fairly regular to a hardly-ever blogger, I've gotten more frustrated with trying to use it.

Last week, on my annual retreat, I got the itch to make blogging a more frequent part of my life and ministry, and I would start that with a nice post about going on retreat - but I dreaded putting it together on Blogger.

So, after a little thought, I've decided to start something brand new. I'd heard a lot about Squarespace and how easy it is to use; this morning I bit the bullet, got my own real website, and here we are.

Providentially, this is a unique time for me to restart my blogging. This September, I will take over as Vocation Director for my diocese as well as continuing in my present assignments as parochial vicar and high school chaplain. I'm excited to work in the important area of finding the men God is calling to be the future priests of this diocese; I'm also anticipating the challenge of balancing my assignments and becoming a better priest through it all. 

I plan on doing my best to share my life as a person and as a priest in ways that are interesting to at least someone (or maybe just me) . Either way, this is my new online home. Thanks for coming!